Anita Cumming has always impressed me with her empathy and compassion – especially with the wide variety of people she works with.   It is a gift.   Her passion for helping others is unique. Her enthusiasm and effervescent personality are infectious. Even in the more structured environment of a drama class, Anita’s serene professional approach is magic to watch.

Another of Anita’s admirable qualities is her thirst for knowledge. She is always searching for ways to improve and learn. Working on location as a video presenter or in the studio as a voice over artist, Anita is a delight and a pleasure to work with. She listens and embraces direction with enthusiasm.  Anita then adds her professionalism, discipline, determination and skill to deliver a performance that exceeds expectations. Her perfection is gained through hard work and commitment.   She has a voice that I would describe as mellifluous.

Her professional qualities are more than complimented by her personal qualities.   She is blessed with an abundance of distinguishing qualities one looks for in a friend. She is mature, sensitive, loyal, understanding and honest. She sets a very high standard for herself and will not give in to compromise.   Anita is the consummate professional. - Wayne Alexander - The Very Useful Picture Company

What stands out most for me is the high level of enthusiasm and energy Anita extends to everything she commits to.  I have known and worked with Anita over many years. In this time, I’ve employed Anita for both video presenting and voice-over work.  Anita has taken every assignment very seriously and gone the extra mile to ensure it’s success. She is a bright, positive and extremely obliging person. An absolute pleasure to work with.  With these attributes in mind, I am confident she will succeed in any endeavour and wish her well. - Ray Collins - Ray Collins Enterprises

Thank you for the chance for Dan to be a zombie. She had a great weekend and won a prize for being the best zombie!  [Anita connected Dan with the Armageddon Expo to act as a zombie with full special effects make up.] - Julie

Thanks so much for letting me be apart of your school. Its been a blast so far, working on the shows last year was awesome. Your such a great teacher, I enjoy it so much, my classmates are great, I enjoy all the laughs as well, its a great atmosphere. Looking forward to another year full of laughter, fun and learning. Thank you for helping me start to get on track for what I've wanted to do since I was 12!

I had the privilege in attending the opening performance of this production [Badjelly the Witch] on Saturday.

Having directed numerous chilredn's theatre productions in the past for the Playhouse Theatre, it was fitting that I took time to attend this performance - my all time favourite 'Badjelly'.

I was extremely impressed with the fresh, innovative presentation, the direction was outstanding, the characters were authentic, the characterisation was extremely well executed and the most important thing I witnessed - the children in the theatre just loved it - the balance was just right for the young theatre goers.

Each actor should be extremely proud of themselves, the delivery of their lines was clear, the diction and intonation was just right - to think this was your opening performance, not a line was missed, not a move forgotten - a well drilled company that understood the importance of working together as a team - you are all 'stars' in this production.

The choreographic movement supported not only the plot, but provided the audience with well rehearsed, strong performances.

I truly like the way the difficult written songs within the production had been clearly rearranged in a style that enabled them to be delivered confidently to the audience.

Costumes, set, props, sound, lighting all added to the dimensions of the production and totally under the control of the young theatre technicians and practitioners - impressive!

The show was well paced, full of fun with lots of enthusiastic energy on and off the stage - the traditions of the Playhouse Theatre are well preserved, and I am sure once again you will enjoy the success of a sell out season.

Remember to keep your enthusiasm and energy in place for each new performance - the Playhouse 'Young Theatre' is in very good hands.  -  Samuel Keen, past children's theatre director, Playhouse Theatre.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for today.  Josh went from not really wanting to com to drama class to saying when we left, "I love drama class!"  I am stoked!  He is football mad and chose drama over it. - Tracy

Morgie really enjoyed the class today.  I think she was a lot more confident after Dany joined.  I hope it was okay that Dany came in to take my place.  I had suggested to Dany that she should do drama to help her confidence but she said she didn't want to because she hates being in front of people and doing things.  However,after todays session she is very keen to join in.

I have known Anita for a number of years through my work as a teacher at Kavangh College where she was a highly respected and sought after relief teacher.  I have always admired her calm, friendly yet assertive manner and her ability to quickly win a group of students over - no mean feat in itself for a reliever.

I was aware of her involvement in the media and so approached her about taking on the role of compere for a fundraising Fashion Extravaganza our school cricket club was running.  That she willingly agreed is testament to the sort of person she is, but the professionalism she brought to the task not only delighted us but more importantly, the staff from the fashion houses which dressed our models.

The show ran for nearly two hours.  Anita had to work from brief notes on each costume.  She was completely at ease before the large audience, and the fact that the show flowed and looked so co-ordinated and organized could be attributed largely to her ability to provide continuity.  She communicated warmth and confidence to the student models which helped them relax, and used humour naturally and well to hook the audience in.  Most importantly, she looked to be thoroughly enjoying the whole experience herself.

The night was a huge success, with the fashion shops stating how worthwhile the whole exercise had been.  Anita's role was pivotal.  She is a strong, talented woman and I have no hesitation in commending her to future employees.  -  Mark Bracewell.

Thank you so so so so much! I actually can’t imagine what my life would be without you and your amazing shows, you are truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I can’t believe I have been so lucky to get all these main parts. I know I'm probably so annoying sometimes but I actually really appreciate it :) When you asked me to do choreography I actually couldn't believe it! I thought getting the main part was enough but then you gave me the choreographer, I know at practice I don't always do what you say but you know on the day I do ;) Thank you for making all my dreams come true. I am one of the luckiest girls in the world, you have actually changed my life forever. (P.S here's to the next one! I can't wait :) What a year it has been! From drama classes to shows, it's been sooo busy but heaps of fun! Okay I will try and make this short, I would like to say a massive thank you from myself and everyone who was involved one way or another this year it's been one 'Rocking' Ride!

So many thanks, Anita, for all of your great encouragement and positivity towards Hannah in 2013. I know she learnt a lot from you which has helped somewhat with her confidence. 



Thank you for your recent contribution to Shortland Street playing the role of Anthea Crichton.  I'd like to pass on my personal thanks and hope that you enjoyed the experience.  The programmes in which you'll appear will be transmitted on Monday 2nd June through to Friday 6th June 2008.  Best of luck for the future.  -  Jason Daniel, Producer.


My daughter Sienna has been attending Anita classes over the past year.  She has grown with confidence over the time.  Sienna started at 6 years old.  Anita was so encouraging and supportive when Sienna was shy to begin with. Now Sienna is the first to put her hand up at school to do any of the class presentations she loves talking in front of an audience.  I think this is such an important skill to have for life and without Anita amazing drama school she would be a different girl.  Anita thinks she gets it from me, having  been on the been on the Amazing Food Race and successfully coooked my way around the world but Sienna has taught me life is a stage!



What a year it has been! From drama classes to shows, it's been sooo busy but heaps of fun! Okay I will try and make this short, I would like to say a massive thank you from myself and everyone who was involved one way or another this year it's been one 'Rocking' Ride!

Right into the story. I still remember the first day I meet you those 11 years ago, and that one fateful say you gave mum your card, I really wasn't sure if a wanted to move drama schools but to be honest I’m so glad I did. I never ever thought in a million years that we would end up such good friends and well 'Sisters' you are actually one of the most amazing people I have ever meet! And one of the few people that put your student first, if someone needs a new costume you will buy that instead of buying new things for yourself, you give up your own time to help me and others with extra stuff outside drama and the list goes on.

You have come so far in a matter of years; looking back I actually can't believe it, from your first children's show 'Bad jelly the Witch' then 'Alice in Wonderland' both at the Playhouse, then you moved to bigger and better things at the Mayfair with 'Snow White', 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Hansel and Gretel' but no you didn't stop there, we even did 'Aladdin' at Coronation Hall and 'Little Rocking Robin Hood' at the Globe! And I am so grateful to have been apart of each and everyone one of them, it's been a blast! And now we are here at the Athenaeum! Which could be our final pit stop before your own theatre (remember you said I get to name it ;) )

Right, I also thought this may be a good time to share some confessions I never told you.

1.. In our first show we ever acted in together 'Not Quite The Big Bad Wolf' you were the witch (of course) and I was your black cat, I never told you but I found it sooo awkward! Whenever you would like pull me in and say your line, do your really scary laugh and just like act with me I wouldn't know what to do! But it’s okay, I love acting with you now as long as you don't show me up ;)

2.. During 'Alice In Wonderland' you gave me heaps of props to act with like the baby, Flamingo and food trolley, I don't know if you will remember but you also gave me a yellow poker dot handkerchief to wear around my finger.but I hated it, and I thought since I had so many other props you wouldn't notice, so I hid it behind the mirror in my changing room and never ended up using it.

3.. When we were at 'Interact Drama School' and I got put up to a higher class I was really jealous of Nicola and your class because I really wanted you as a teacher because you seemed really cool and nice and whataya know I was right! ;)

So back too it, I know you get really annoyed at me for talking and socialising all the time, trying to be the director, not listening to your directions (yeah sorry about doing the kiss wrong) and picking up on all your mistakes but I actually am really grateful for everything, you really are like my second mum (don't worry I will still ask you first if I’m aloud to do something like always) out of all the directors I have been in shows with you are by miles the best! You seriously are my big sis. You aren't grouchy and old, you just love to have fun and even try to keep up with the latest trends like ROLO!

Not only do I love you for all of that I actually still can't believe you have been on Shortland Street and Cure Kids, you're on the radio and Brooke Howard Smith knows your name! I beat you not many people can say their drama teacher has done half the stuff you have! Haha people also get really impressed when I say things like "Well my drama teacher has been on Shortland Street" ;)

You have changed my life for the better Anita, without you I would probs be sitting at home right now doing nothing and I would have never met my boys and all of the wonderful people in this room. We have been through some pretty tough times together, without you there helping me through the tears and standing by my side I don't know how I would have survived! It's one tough business alright! One quote of yours I still remember you saying to me is "Don't let people, jealously and conflicts get you down" and I still live by this quote today.

As for the opportunities wow sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl on earth! I couldn't believe it when you gave me Snow White; I thought that would be the end but here I am today with many roles under my belt from princesses to witches all thanks to you, and to top it all of you even gave me the chance to be the choreographer, help teach various drama classes, be the youngest person involved in adult drama, host a radio show, appear on classic hits many times, be an extra in a movie and even try and beat you at been a witch! Sadly Anita is still the best witch in the world. And the list goes on. You watched me turn 6 years old and grow throughout the years and now you are about to see me turn 16, where has the time gone? Okay, enough about me, I could talk for hours, but to finish off thank you Anita from everyone! You truly are an amazing person! And without you everyone in this rooms lives would be different, you are changing things for the better, I can't wait for next year I'm sure it will be just as good as this one! You teach us to reach for the stars and to never give up on our dreams and goals, if it's to get Merit or Excellence in an internal or to be acting in movies one day. You have taught me to stand up too jealously and too not care what others think.

Keep it up and don't let people put you down!

Thanks for everything! And don't worry I haven't forgot to thank you in my Tony’s or Oscar speech when I make it big on Broadway ;)

Thank you Anita from the bottom of our hearts <3