So you love performing?


Well, they do say life is a stage. Want to take your love of performance further, but think you have to 223714e99b1a3ebd58ec5d01eab951ba.wix mpgo to the North Island to further your career? Wrong. Dunedin is the arts capital of NZ - we embrace it! So why not learn and practice your craft in a city that really supportswhat you want to do?


The Anita Cumming School of Drama, Performance and Casting is long established in Dunedin. Anita is a professional actor and qualified teacher with years of experience working on screen both locally and nationally, as well as in film, radio and theatre - and she has decided to share her experience and knowledge with you.


Develop different techniques, gain drama skills, gain confidence and knowledge about the industry all in a supportive, non-threatening, fun environment. Classes are available for all ages, from 5 years to adult.