Anita5Hi there and welcome to my new website.  So this is the part where I introduce myself. Don't panic, it will be short and sweet like a good Oscar speech.  Yeah right!  Students and parents will know that I talk a lot, but when you are passionate about something you do have a lot to say.  I am passionate and dedictaed to my craft and igniting passion for performing in my students.

I am a qualified and trained teacher and lecturer.  I have taught primary, secondary and University students.

I took my part-time role at University key in developing teachers confidence to deliver the curriculum with confidence and positivity.  Drama is often a scary thought for some and our role as teachers is to take the fear away and make it a subject area that is looked forward to.  It's not there to create actors as such, it's primary role is about instilling confidence, team work and empathy.

And then there are my classes.  once again the primary goal it to teach life long skills such as confidence, speaking in front of others, exploring the techniques of acting for stage and screem, character building, developing life long friendships, enjoyment and if they happen to make it to the Oscars through the skills they develop and take drama that extra step further, then that's a bonus, the icing on the cake.

Through my classes, students have gone from not talking at all, to stage and screen.It's simply about going at the students pace and it's my job to find the right moments to move them on.  What people don't know is that just turning up and taking the plunge is half the battle, you're already half way there!  My job is to provide the tools for personal development as a person first, then as a performer.

So how do I know?  Well as much as I hate to admit it, I've had many years of stage, screen and broadcasting experience.  I have been involved with several of Dunedin Operatic's productions, including 42nd Street, Jesus Christ Superstar and Allo Allo, and numerous childrens theatre productions, from Shortland Street to national and local childrens TV as a presenter and voice-over artist.  I also worked part-time announcing on More FM.  Sometime you can eve hear my voice on TV ads!  I have written and directed several childrens productions.  I know the industry inside and out, front to back, and the ups and downs.

My goal then?  To provide the skills and tools for students to be all they desire to be and all they desire to achieve.  To reach that you should act and perform so that it fills you and others up from the inside out.  I want my students to gain life-long skills, and if I'm lucky they might remember me at the Oscars! (I at least deserve a mention right?) 

And on that note I believe this speech has gone on far too long.  I'd like to thank,..... oh just shut up now Anita!