Anita Cumming, a highly regarded teacher, professional actor and director has worked hard to secure a part of history for her students.  As a qualified teacher Anita opened her own drama school four years Atheneaumago at a double garage converted to a drama studio, but now she has simply run out of room and wanted a place that was more central for her pupils.

Anita not only runs after school drama classes but she writes and directs children's theatre for school holiday shows, she has had sell out productions of shows like Alice, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Surfs up dudes, and Little Rockin Robin Hood. Having used several theatres in Dunedin she is pleased to announce that she and her students are about to become history in the making. ‘Everything I do has been for my students, it's the way it is, I don't do second best" Anita laughs.

Anita will be a tenant of the recently rediscovered Athenaeum theatre in the Athenaeum building in the lower Octagon.  Owner of the building Lawrie Forbes is "pleased to see the theatre being utilised and having Anita as a permanent tenant".  " Refurbishment will be starting next year”. The building may also have underground connections to the Regent theatre and the DIC. Wow! "Anita says, it’s very exciting to be part of this history”.  Lawrie has been amazing, and has heaps of enthusiasm for his new venture.  As Cinderella would say " Even miracles take time"!

2015 classes will start enroling soon for children, teens and adults.  There are also multiple productions planned, for both kids and adults, so there will be opportunities for Anita's students and other local actors.  You can register your interest in a class here or contact Anita on 0211674196.