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As the owner, director and sole teacher of the Anita Cumming School of Drama and Performance, which provides after-school drama classes to the children of Dunedin, I have an extensive and varied background within both teaching and the media and performance industries. I am a graduate of the Dunedin College of Education, majoring in Drama and English – with particular emphasis on Children’s Theatre, Drama for Children, Contemporary New Zealand Theatre, and Language and Dance. Additionally, my study and training within the field of drama and performance includes vocal training and singing instruction (Kathleen Craig, 1989-1993, and Gladys Hope, 2000-2002), along with various acting workshops and classes including the acclaimed Michael Saccente workshop in Dunedin in 2002.
What follows is an up-to-date resume of my performing experience.
2013 TV 3 Cure Kids, Presenter
2008 Shortland Street, ‘Anthea Chrighton’
2007 The Young Persons Guide to Alcohol, Documentary. Presenter
2006 Shortland Street, ‘TV Presenter’
2006 Rugby World Cup Heineken commercial, ‘Supporter’
2006 Passion in Paradise, Red Sky Television, ‘Mary Alleyne’ (dramatisation inserts
for William Larnach documentary)
2006 Green Concrete Films, The Scurvy Dogs music video. Actor 2004-2009 StoryTime, Channel 9. Presenter
2004 Ocean Waves exhibition video, Otago Settlers Museum, Story Inc. ‘Caitlin’ 2004 Educational video presenter, The Very Useful Picture Company
2002 Onefest TV3 advertisment, ‘Shop Assistant’
2001 I Am Dunedin, DCC advertisement. Extra
2001 Fortune Theatre television advertisement. Extra
Television Shows
2006 Studio 2, Channel 2, Taylormade Media. Voice of ‘Jenna’
2003-2005 Squirt, Channel 2, Taylormade Media. Voice of ‘Pivot’
2004 Saturday Disney, Channel 2, Taylormade Media. Various voiceovers
Television Advertisements
2010 ‘Pearl Lights’, The Video Factory
2010 Business on line, presenter
2005 Night and Day Foodstores, Taylormade Media
2003 Glad Products, New Zealand Food Safety
2003 Mita Hair Accessories, ‘Funky Girl’ product range
2003 Belief, Dir. Phil Davison, Primitive Digital Film. ‘Lizzie’
2003 Ted and Sylvia, Dir. Christine Jeffs, The Girl Film Company. Extra
2002 John Street, Dir. Rowan Wernham (Mothra Award – Best Film). ‘Laura’
2002 Here Lies Jobe, Dir. Luke Badger. ‘Young Mother’
2000-2010 More FM, Weekend DJ
2007-2009 The Breeze, Breakfast show host
2013 Little Rockin’Robin Hood, Anita Cumming Productions, Director
2013 Hansel and Gretel, Anita Cumming Productions, Director
2012 Aladdin, Anita Cumming Productions, Director
2012 Surfs up dude it’s The Little Mermaid, Anita Cumming Productions, Director
2012 Snow White, Stageworks, Director
2011 Alice in Wonderland, Repertory society, Director
2010 The Wizard of OZ, Repertory Society. ‘Witch of the West’
2010 BadJelly The Witch, Repertory Society. Director
2009 The Frog Prince, Repertory Society. ‘Snow White Witch’
2009 Sleeping Beauty, Repertory Society. ‘Malificent’
2007 The Wizard of Oz, Repertory Society. ‘Glinda’
2006 Social Climbers, Repertory Society. ‘Sinead’
2005 The Frog Prince, Repertory Society. ‘Frog Princess’
2004 Sleeping Beauty, Repertory Society. ‘Malificent’
2004 It Gives Me Great Pleasure, Dunedin Operatic Society. Company
2003 Pinocchio, Repertory Society. ‘Cat’
2003 Bad Jelly The Witch, Repertory Society. ‘Bad Jelly’
2003 ‘Allo ‘Allo, Dunedin Operatic Society. ‘Mimi’
2002 Mystery on the Orient Express, Dunedin Operatic Society. ‘French Maid’
2002 Mad Hatters Tea Party, Theatreworks. ‘Alice’
2002 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Taieri Musical Society.
2002 Die Fledermaus, Opera Otago. Chorus
2001 Christmas Show, Playhouse Theatre. ‘Sophia Loren’, ‘Gloria’
2001 Jesus Christ Superstar, Dunedin Operatic. Chorus
2000 Butterflies Are Free, Dunedin Repertory. Lead Female, ‘Jill Tanner’
2000 42nd Street, Dunedin Operatic. Chorus
2000 Music Hall, Dunedin Repertory. Company
2000 Daughters of Heaven, Contemporary NZ Theatre, DCE. ‘Pauline’, ‘Judge’
2000 Pass It On (Excerpts), Contemporary NZ Theatre, DCE. ‘Nell’
1999 Greed, Children’s Theatre, DCE. ‘Mrs S’
1999 People In Black, Drama For Children, DCE. Co-director
1998 Command or Promise, Short Play Festival. Lead Role, ‘Beth’
1991 Amahl and the Night Visitors, Chorus
1991 Marla and Marisa Craig Farewell Concert
2011 Cue TELEVISION Sky Television presenter for Aoraki Polytechnic
2000-presentVoiceover artise chanel 9
2007 Straylight Productions ‘Model’ for Mitchell Mackersy Lawyers
2007 Dunedin Public Library Holiday Programme, ‘She’ll Be Right Mate’
2002-2010 Dunedin Medical School, SPDU actor. Recognised as ‘Outstanding
performance programme actor’
2002 Lord of the Rings public reading, Dunedin Public Library
2002 Out of Order, Dunedin Repertory Society.
1993-1996 Logan Park High School Jazz Band and School Choir
2010- 2011 Drama Lecturer, University of Otago’s College of Education
2009-present Anita Cumming School of Drama and Performance. Owner, director,
2008 Drama teacher, Taieri College
2008 English Advantage relieving teacher
2008 Private speech and drama teacher
2005 Drama Workshops in Central Otago, audition process tutor
2000-2009 Kavanagh College, long-term relieving teacher
2000-2008 Theatreworks drama teacher